Lip Café
226 Waterdale Rd,
Ivanhoe, 3079
Ph: 9499 1162
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About Lip Café

The team at Lip Café is dedicated to exploring flavours, techniques and interesting ingredients from around the World.

The name Lip stands for the first three letters of Life in Provence, the concept based on the way food is processed from scratch and made on site.

Maybe it could also stand for Lucky Ivanhoe Punters - every suburb needs a local and this one is sweeter than most.At Lip we are marinating, slow cooking and blending ingredients like black limes from the Middle East, dried chillis (pasilla, ancho, and chipotle) from Mexico, pimentos, tahini and dukkah to name a few.

But at the end of the day we are trying to make it a second home for us and hopefully for you.


226 Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe, 3079
Phone: 9499 1162
Monday to Saturday: 7:30am - 4:00pm
Sunday: 8am - 2:00pm